Dr Tahir ul Qadri's interview with Javed Chaudhry on Express News (PAT Protest Demonstrations Against Corrupt System - May 11)



The interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Javed Chaudhry on Express on 7th May 2014

  1. The government of Punjab has threatened the bus drivers not to transport the PAT workers. I warn the rulers not to take away a democratic right of freedom of assembly and protest
  2. I guarantee the government that our protest on 11 May will be 100 per cent non-violent, if it lets the protest go ahead peacefully
  3. The PTI’s protest is against the rigged polls but ours, PAT’s, is meant to overhaul the whole system
  4. The current electoral system has never ever delivered; no government has ever fulfilled the constitutional rights of the people
  5. Our movement will not end with an agreement or compromise; it will culminate in a non-violent revolution
  6. PAT’s protest will terminate the cruel political dictatorship which has robbed the masses since the inception of Pakistan
  7. During the long march we gave the “call to prayer” and on 11 May IQAMAT will be pronounced and then the prayer will be established
  8. Soon I’ll give the final date for staging revolution. In the coming months, I’ll personally lead the movement towards victory
  9. In the post-revolutionary period, every corrupt big gun will be held
  10. To stage a revolution, the workers of my movement aren’t sufficient. I appeal to the masses to stand up with me for claiming their rights
  11. Very soon, I’ll walk on the roads of Pakistan with the disadvantaged public, bulldoze the walls of venality and corruption and send the dacoits to prison
  12. The violators of Articles 62 and 63 are the breakers of the Constitution. They will land in prison
  13. The public will demolishing the corrupt system from Pakistan; I have prepared an alternative political set-up which will take effect immediately after the revolution
  14. The country which Quaid-e Azam created is lost. Now we need to build and construct it from scratch
  15. After revolution, the first 40 Articles of the Constitution will be put into practice - the Articles which have never been implemented
  16. By creating 35 provinces, we will carry out genuine devolution of political power, as the developed nations have done
  17. I’ll stand by the armed forces for the territorial integrity of the nation
  18. I’m fighting against the corrupt system. If the army mounted a coup, I’d fight against it too until democracy is restored