MYL’s Central Youth Council meets to discuss important matters

MYL Central Youth Council meets to discuss important matters

The meeting of MYL’s Central Youth Council was held at the central secretariat in Model Town with president Mazhar Mahmood Alvi in the chair. Central, provincial and district office-holders of the Youth League attended the meeting. The purpose of the moot was to ponder over the 2020 Working Plan and targets. The participants reviewed the performance of the youth organizations and gave targets for the future.

The Central Youth Council also reviewed a campaign already underway under the title of ‘Life is but friendship with books’. It was decided to divide the campaign into four parts. The Council further decided to accelerate the campaign under the slogan of the establishment of libraries, and the holding of the book fairs.

Umar Qureshi, head of social media council and Mohsin Shahzad, secretary social media MYL threw light on the importance of social media and its positive use. A special committee was also constituted for contact with leading political, scholarly and social figures.

MYL will reach out to the important people including the government officials and the people at large to help set up small libraries at the Tehsil and district levels. A training session was also conducted for the participants of the Youth Council in which the importance of friendship with the books was highlighted.

Addressing the meeting, Mazhar Mahmood Alvi said the government and the people will have to focus their attention on setting up libraries and make access to the readers easy to them. He said MYL will continue to wage struggle for the establishment of the public libraries down to the level of union councils. He said reading freshens our minds, reinvigorates our souls and infuses maturity to our thoughts.

Mazhar Alvi said Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has written hundreds of books on different topics in line with the demands of the contemporary age and thus this vast treasure of knowledge has been saved for the future generations. He said for the youth to become persuaded to book reading, it is important that they are facilitated to access libraries and other reading materials for which MYL is struggling as well. He further said the book reading is a must to develop minds, stating that the culture of reading will have to be promoted to defeat extremism and promote peace.

General Secretary Mansoor Qasim Awan, Inam Mustafavi, Umar Qureshi, Mohsin Mustafavi, Haji Farrukh, Irfan Thaheem and others also spoke on the occasion.